on Pet Grass

  • I tried out the self growing pet grass for my bunnies a few weeks ago
  • It did not go so well =))
  • I followed the instructions like it said on the container
  • and I kept it in my room…that’s it
  • few weeks later….


  • nothing happened =))
  • I thought it was dead =))
  • so I tried again
  • followed the instructions but this time..
  • I left it outside with all the sun and wind (and occasionally some rain water)
  • I also left the first one I did outside with the second one
  • even though I thought it wouldn’t grow anymore
  • but it did! not as fast a the second one but it was growing!


  • I’m happy with the results =D
  • I’m going to feed these to my bunnies this week. Hopefully, they’ll like it =D
  • If you guys want to get your own Pet Grass for your pets, check out Pamela Tan’s Facebook page
  • she has a lot of other items and food for rabbits and hedgehogs =D