on Get Polished

  • If you know me, then you know that I like to paint my nails
  • …well I like to HAVE them painted =))
  • ’cause I can’t paint them myself.
  • And I remember saying before that I wanted to open up a nail salon that would have special services
  • well a few days after I posted that,
  • I found out that Get Polished does ombre/gradient nails!
  • and I had them do my Capacities nails! =DDD


  • okay, if I go through my whole nail art timeline it would take me forever to find the links to those photos =))
  • my point is,
  • Get Polished is awesome! =D
  • and last Saturday, they launched the new Spring Collection of Bandi called Blurry
  • and I was lucky enough to be part of that event


Some of the gel polishes of Bandi

and I finally got my Sailor Moon nail art heehee

  • so happy =D
  • its not everyday I get gel nail art =D
  • I usually just use regular polishes if I want nail art
  • and plain colors for gel (but of course, each nail would always be a different color =D )
  • so, obviously the colors on my nails right now aren’t the Blurry Collection
  • but they are Bandi and they seem better than the other gel polishes I’ve tried
  • other brands have limited colors or they chip off!
  • which is weird ’cause gel polishes shouldn’t chip off
  • but hey!
  • those polishes weren’t from Get Polished so it’s all good =p