on Zyurangers

  • oh so after almost 2 years, I have something to say about something again =))
  • something too long for twitter and not really for my fb =))
  • so early this year, I decided to marathon the original Power Rangers…
  • the Japanese one, I mean, the one where MMPR was based from
  • at first, I was all “what am I watching? ._.”
  • after a while, it seemed all good =))
  • I found Mei to be somewhat emotionless but not really =))
  • then Dan was starting to look like the Youtube guy, Ryan Higa =))
  • and Goushi didn’t look Japanese. He looked half-Japanese =))
  • He then started to be good looking =))
  • I assumed he was probably my age when they filmed it…so he’d be old now =))
  • then I realized, he has an angle that looks like Joseph Gordon-Levitt =))
  • so that’s why =))))))))))
  • anyway =))
  • as always, I researched about the cast and found out that the actor who played Goushi was my age when they filmed him =))
  • he now looks like an older Joseph Gordon-Levitt =))
  • and surprisingly, Mei and Boi were 17 and 16 o_o
  • I was shocked that Geki played Tuxedo Mask in the Sailor Moon Musicals =))
  • haven’t seen it though =))
  • So the ending….
  • it was disappointing and sad at the same time
  • like…that’s it?? where are they going? to the sky?? =|
  • well, Bandora seemed contradicting at the end =))
  • she loves her son but hates kids =))
  • and she kinda remind me of me =))
  • except I don’t have a kid and I don’t really want to “kill” them =))
  • but yea, I don’t really like kids =))
  • And now..
  • I started to re-watch MMPR
  • and I realized….
  • Zyurangers was better =))
  • the drama in MMPR was too kidish =))
  • then again it was for kids =))
  • Zyurangers was like intense drama =))
  • MMPR’s dub seemed too forced
  • and Pink Ranger!
  • I idolized her as a kid and I realized…
  • her character is annoying! =|
  • Yellow Ranger was pretty too, why didn’t I like her? ( . .)
  • so anyway
  • Zyurangers > MMPR =))