on scooby doo mystery incorporated

  • this scooby doo series is by far the best I’ve watched
  • ..and also because this is the first one I’ve ever completed haha
  • I remember one termbreak back in 2010
  • I had dengue
  • and for some reason, I found out that there was a new scooby doo series that just started earlier that year
  • so yea, search search
  • watch watch
  • caught up to it
  • and got hooked!
  • its like at the end of each episode, you’d be hoping for more haha
  • and now…
  • the series has ended =(
  • I will spoil you now
  • the whole show, it’s practically a prequel to the first scooby doo series, Scooby Doo, Where Are You?
  • but you won’t notice that until the very end
  • fred and daphne are engaged =))
  • velma is….very happy haha
  • it’s hard to think that this show is for kids
  • so much pop culture reference that I don’t think kids would get haha
  • I want the whole series on dvd now please =(
  • I’d download it off itunes now
  • but I should save up for it first haha
  • now I have this urge to watch all the episodes of….
  • a pup named scooby doo
  • 13 ghosts of scooby doo
  • what new, scooby doo
  • and shaggy and scooby, get a clue
  • because I never got to finish them when I was a kid =(
  • except shaggy and scooby get a clue.
  • I never really liked the art style of that one, so I never watched it.
  • But I’m curious of the story line haha
  • thankyou youtube!
  • now please dont delete those videos until I’m done with them haha