on Jem the movie

  • I got so excited when I heard they were going to make a Jem and the Holograms movie
  • but then I read the reviews of the trailer
  • kinda sad but I was still curious
  • when it premiered, I heard it was a flop
  • it didn’t come out here but I was still curious
  • I heard some of the music from the movie
  • didn’t really like it that much
  • but I was still damn curious!
  • finally got to watch it last night
  • few minutes in to the movie, my comments started coming in
  • why is Jerrica Benton not a short hair blonde?
  • wtf ERICA Raymond? they made ERIC RAYMOND into a gril =|
  • and Starlight Records is owned by Erica Raymond and NOT Jerrica Benton
  • AND RIO!!!! well his hair wasn’t purple which was fine
  • Synergy was a cute robot, I actually want my own =))
  • but she wasn’t some computer that actually talked to Jem and the others =(
  • half way through the movie I tried to predict the ending
  • which was that the message of Jerria’s dad, which he told through Synergy, is that he actually owns Starlight and has the documents hidden somewhere to prove that he owns it.
  • but nope.
  • I forgot,
  • the writers of this movie completely stepped away from the original storyline
  • plus some parts of the script were contradicting
  • OHH! but I did love how Hayley Kiyoko is a bad ass hacker =))
  • not so far off from her character in CSI: Cyber =))
  • but the Misfits though!
  • huhu sad they only came out in the mid-credits scene =(
  • I feel it was suppose to be a leeway to a sequel if the movie was a hit
  • but it was not -_-
  • would’ve been exciting how the Misfits and the Holograms would battle it out in the music scene =))
  • but why was Jetta already part of the group when she didn’t really join until later in the series.
  • I mean, if Jetta was already part of the Misfits, then Raya should’ve been part of the Holograms too -_-
  • ughh
  • this movie actually has a good message for kids.
  • I mean, it was okay.
  • I think it would’ve been better if they didn’t use the branding of Jem and the Holograms -_-
  • it was a disappointment for those who actually watched the series when they were kids
  • and they had a tumblr for the movie for fans to suggest what they would want to see in the movie
  • ughhh so much faillll -_-
  • I hope they would’ve just continue where the series left off =(