on BSC tv show

  • for somereason
  • I saw this video on Youtube about the Baby-Sitter’s Club pc game
  • poof! CHILDHOOD!
  • in the related videos….
  • was an episode of the tv series!
  • the tv series I never knew existed until a few years ago haha
  • I thought it only had a movie haha
  • which I watched heehee
  • luckily for me
  • its holyweek(aka long weekend)
  • and there are only a few episodes in the series (13 to be exact)
  • and I got to watch…well
  • around 6 or 7 of them
  • ’cause that was all I could find in youtube =))
  • most of them were in good quality
  • when I mean “good quality”
  • its not HD
  • but its the best quality you can get from the 90’s haha
  • this made me want to read my old BSC books….
  • which I don’t know where they are =/
  • meh
  • never got to read ALL of them though
  • ohwell haha
  • the actress who played Claudia and Dawn were pretty =D
  • and they just had to be the ones that are MIA in the internet =(
  • the actress who played Mallory is hot now o_o
  • ohh ohh!
  • Danny Tamberelli was there!
  • heehee pre-pete and pete days haha
  • and I noticed….
  • they were all fully clothed
  • the only skin you could see was from their hands or face
  • well I don’t really remember/know what state Stoneybrook was in
  • must be some really cold state
  • idonno