on alone

  • it has just been 2 days and already I’m freaking out
  • well I’m not suppose to
  • but sitting next to an AE is hard!
  • I want my corner back =(
  • honestly
  • I knew this was going to happen sooner or later
  • it was one of my “biggest fear” being here
  • a few months ago
  • I had a feeling already
  • I just wasn’t brave enough to ask if I was right
  • I’m thankful though
  • if this didn’t happen, I wouldn’t be pushed this hard….
  • …well its not that hard yet
  • but still =D
  • I know I can do this =D
  • keeping an optimistic mind and all
  • maybe in 4years history would repeat itself
  • well I be as good? heehee
  • nyrr HAHA