on a stick

  • jokes don’t grow old here, do they?
  • too much of anything can be tiring too, you know?
  • well I don’t really mind, but its getting too repetitive
  • so repetitive that I’m mentally saying “fuckyou” when the topic somes up
  • also
  • one person has no right to tease me about this
  • I practically took the fall
  • nobody acknowledges it
  • didn’t say sorry or thankyou
  • kinda selfish if you think about it
  • and please don’t tell me I secretly wanted it
  • I’m fucking scared of heights
  • I fucking hated it
  • why’d I do it?
  • I respected them, and who else was going to do it?
  • the original person’s a whimp
  • sorry
  • but yea
  • fuck.
  • this is why I hate being nice
  • being nice is abusive